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Afterglow AG 9+ for Xbox One

“The AG 9+ headset has amazing sound through both Pure Audio and Bass Boost modes, a high quality microphone, and provides an extra "cool factor" because the ear cups can change colors based on your preference.”

—  IT Pro Today

 PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

“Whether it's the dedicated number pad for changing the channel, controlling an external audio receiver, or using the discrete A, B, X, or Y buttons, the Talon Media Remote is outstanding.”

—  Window’s Central 


For those that don’t yet have a remote control for the Xbox One, this is a great addition.

—  ITProToday


 I’m already loving the Talon Media Remote…I actually prefer this over my Harmony remote which has been the best remote I’ve used to date.


  Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

For $50, this is an awesome buy that holds up really well. When I go to E3 this year, this is all-in-one traveling bag that I’ll have with me in my room for all my needs and to make sure I have a Switch around to occupy my time in lines.

— Bleeding Cool

 Pixel Pals

“As a friend of mine arrived for Thanksgiving, he stopped mid-sentence to marvel at how cool the lit-up Mario looked. It's a no-brainer holiday gift.”

—  Business Insider on Pixel Pals


They are obscenely collectible.

— Kotaku


A great gift for anybody who loves Mario or Mega Man or would be thrilled by an 8-bit spin on Fallout’s Vault Boy.

— Paste Magazine


 Pixel Pals are a novelty, but one that turns out to be surprisingly cool.

— Hardcore Gamer


 PDP Pixel Pals a Must Own this Holiday

— Games Reviews


“The Pixel Pals are brilliant.”  

– HighDef Digest


 As if they didn’t look cool enough already, they also light up.

— Nerdmuch

 SNES Classic Carrying Case 

“PDP's SNES Classic Deluxe Carrying Case is almost as charming and nostalgic as the Super Nintendo itself. This hard plastic case sports the same white-and-purple color scheme as Nintendo's retro system, and provides plenty of padded storage space for the console, two controllers and the system's cables.”

— Tom's Guide

  PDP Energizer Charger 

So, it was an almost, dare I say, joyous event to be able to test and review the Energizer 2X Smart Charger for Xbox One from PDP.

— IT Pro Today


 Never buy AA batteries for your Xbox One controllers again! The PDP Energizer 2X Charging System charges two controllers at once, which is perfect for extended co-op or multiplayer sessions. … it’ll look great next to your shiny, new Xbox One S.

— IGN 

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