Energizer 2X Charge System

For PS4

Keep your PlayStation 4 controllers juiced up and ready for use with this 2X conductive charger.

When you forget to charge the controllers between games and the worst happens — it dies mid-action — rest assured knowing that the charging system's AC power adapter makes quick work out of powering the controller back up, so that you can get back in the game as soon as possible.

Instead of anxiously awaiting the controller to reach full power, a simple glance at the green and red LED indicators will let you know the status of the charge.

To stay in line with the sleek look of your gaming setup, the charging station features a matte and glossy black and chrome appearance that coordinates with the PlayStation 4.

Don't let a dead controller get in the way of your game.

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  • A 2X conductive charger for the PS4 with an AC Adapter Power

  • Adapter for quick charging

  • Features blue and green LED indicators for charge status.

  • Has matte and glossy black and chrome details.

  • This sleek design matches the new console perfectly!


  • Glowing LED lights to indicate charge status

  • Quick charging with included AC Adapter

  • Sleek and compact design

  • Officially licensed by Energizer