Faceoff Mod Kit - White Super Mario Super Star

For Nintendo Switch

Customize the way you play with a Faceoff Mod Kit that includes removable and replaceable accessories, compatible with any model of our Faceoff Wired Controllers.

Switch up the look of your Nintendo Switch Faceoff Wired Controller with this new kit that includes a white standalone faceplate featuring the Super Mario Super Star. You can further customize it with two detachable analog sticks that have yellow grips and a white base, and an additional large circle D-Pad for pinpoint accuracy. The Faceoff Mod Kit also comes with two octagonal gates that are reminiscent of a GameCube controller, allowing you to easily find the eight different directions and give you an advantage over your competitors.

SKU#: 500-133-D32

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  • Removable faceplates compatible with all Faceoff Wired Controllers

  • Two detachable analog sticks with yellow grips and a white base

  • Two extra gates with octagonal shape reminiscent of GameCube controllers

  • Additional large circle D-Pad for pinpoint accuracy

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo