AG9/AG9+ Charge Cable

Spare Part

Charge cable compatible with the AG 9/AG 9+ for Xbox One and PS4.

Compatible with: 048-056-NA, 048-056-EU, 048-056-AU, 048-056-NA-BK-AMZ, 048-056-NA-WH, 048-056-EU-GE, 048-056-AU-GE, 048-056-NA-GE, 048-056-EU-WH, 048-056-AU-WH, 048-056-AU-OR, 048-056-EU-OR, 048-056-NA-OR, 048-056-NA-BOR, 051-044-NA-BK, 051-044-AU-BK, 051-044-EU-BK, 051-044-NA-BK-AMZ, 051-044-EU-WH, 051-044-AU-GE, 051-044-NA-GE, 051-044-EU-GE, 051-044-NA-WH, 051-044-AU-WH, 051-044-AU-OR, 051-044-EU-OR, 051-044-NA-OR, 051-044-NA-BOR


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