Welcome to the Afterglow Configuration App

The Afterglow Configuration App available now on your Xbox One! If you already have your Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One, you’re good to go. Get ready to take full advantage of what the Afterglow Configuration App has to offer. We just can’t wait for you to try it out.

Here’s a peek of what you’ll get when you download the app:


Set Prismatic Lighting

Cycle through the full range of colors, select your favorite color, or set the controller to brilliant white lighting. It’s up to you! Adjust the lighting intensity, set to color cycle mode, or turn off the lights completely in Blackout Mode.

Adjust Vibration Strength

Adjust and save vibration strength for your entire Afterglow Prismatic Controller or adjust the rumble for each individual motor. Turn off the motors to stop vibration mode completely.

Make Audio Adjustments

Make quick audio adjustments with the Afterglow Configuration App. Set volume from 0% to 100% by using the volume bar, adjust the game and chat mix, and customize your headset audio with the mic monitoring bar. Gamers can also mute the volume and mic or individual game and chat audio depending on preference.

Pick Multi-Function Wheel Action

Benefit from the Dual Multi-Function wheels with 6 programmable actions, which can be easily adjusted—or switched off completely—with the Afterglow Configuration App. Customize your gaming experience!

Create and Save Multiple Profiles

Build a profile for all your games or custom design separate profiles for multiple games. Each of your custom profiles can be saved to the cloud for access in the future, at home, or when you're playing on another system. As long as you have access to your Gamertag, you've got access to your Afterglow Prismatic profile.

User Guide

The Afterglow Configuration App allows you to visually change your settings with its intuitive screens. In cases where you need to make changes on your controller without using the App, the User Guide provides information showing button combinations to change settings for lighting, vibration, audio, and multi-function wheels. The User Guide also contains a Quick Start Guide and a Troubleshooting section. Clicking the Customer Service section provides the website and phone numbers for the selected regions.


Log into your Xbox One to access the Microsoft Store, select Apps, and search for the Afterglow Configuration App to download for free!


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