You Can Now Order the Zelda Deluxe Faceoff™ Controller for Nintendo Switch!

Good news for Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans! You can now take home our Zelda-themed Faceoff™ Deluxe Wired Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch. Grab yours today!

Officially licensed by Nintendo, our Faceoff™ controllers are designed for customizable play with the Nintendo Switch. What makes them unique is the Faceoff™ design—meaning the faceplates are swappable with other faceplates in the Faceoff™ line. Choose a character, team up with friends, and battle your way to the finish line! To view the whole collection, check our site.

With responsive low-friction metal analog sticks for smooth turns and quick movements, along with programmable paddle-style buttons on the back of the controller and a textured design for enhanced grip, our Deluxe Faceoff™ controller allows you to adjust your controller to fit your unique playing style.

This particular Faceoff™ controller comes with 2 faceplates, so you can choose your favorite design and swap it out whenever you want! Both sturdy faceplates show off artwork from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Match your controller to your mood!

If you’re interested in this Faceoff™ Deluxe Wired Pro Controller For Nintendo Switch - Breath of the Wild Edition or any of our Faceoff™ controllers, you can find them on our site, on Amazon, or in-stores at Best Buy and GameStop.