Toss Your Batteries—Use Pixel Pals™ USB Adapters!

Toss Your Batteries—Use Pixel Pals™ USB Adapters!
We’re sure you’re familiar with our Pixel Pals™ and maybe you’ve even built an impressive collection of your own. You might not, however, be familiar with our Pixel Pals USB Adapters. If you’re looking for a cost-effective & battery-free way to light up your favorite characters, we got it!

How do they work?

Luckily, replacing your battery operated Pixel Pals with the USB Adapter is super simple. First, you need to make sure you order the right one from our website. Check here for a look at our compatibility chart, depending on what character you have. You’ll need either the 8-Bit USB Adapter or the Standard USB Adapter.

All you need to do is replace the Pixel Pals battery door with the correct USB Adapter. The included 6.5 ft. power only USB to Micro-USB cable plugs directly into a USB power source, eliminating the need for batteries! Whether you want to plug it into your computer or into a wall charger, you’ll be able to power your Pixel Pals for as long as you want.

Get creative!

Grab a few Pixel Pals USB Adapters to build an amazing battery-free light show. Swap out characters depending on your mood. Bring them to work to brighten up that boring old desk. It’s up to you!

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