The PDP Control Hub is Getting Even Better. Follow Our Updates Here!

The PDP Control Hub is Getting Even Better. Follow Our Updates Here!
If you’re not familiar with our PDP Control Hub, available now on the Microsoft Store, make sure you read all about it here.

As a quick recap, the PDP Control Hub allows you to customize your PDP controller with your preferred audio settings, adjust vibration strength or turn it off completely, and easily re-map any of your controller’s buttons. Run diagnostics, automatically update firmware, and tailor your gaming experience to fit your playing style.

Since we’re constantly trying to improve our products and make your gaming experience more personalized, we’ve added some updates to the PDP Control Hub!

Further Compatibility

We’ve added brand new controllers to the PDP Control Hub compatibility list! In additional to our current controller compatibility, you now have more options.

  • PDP Deluxe Wired Controllers

  • PDP Kingdom Hearts Controller (releasing later this year)

  • PDP Wired Specter Violet Controller

Check out the full available list on our site here.

Updated Firmware & New Controller Capabilities

We listened to your feedback and added more controller capabilities!

The new controller firmware added features to swap sticks, invert Y sticks, and swap triggers.

  • Swap sticks: Good news for lefties! You can now swap sticks to essentially make the left stick act like the right stick, and vice versa. Whatever your preference, we got your back!

  • Swap triggers: Another big win for lefties. Swap the left trigger act like the right trigger, and vice versa. We know you all have different ways of playing, so customize the way you want!

  • Invert Y on stick: If you’re more comfortable with pressing up on the stick for “down” and down on the stick for “up”, you’ll be able to easily do that now.

If you already have the app, no worries! All of these updates will be available to current users immediately next time you run the app!

Remember, you’ll need a compatible PDP controller to use our FREE downloadable app.
Head over to our website to find the perfect Xbox One controller for you and then find our PDP Control Hub on the Microsoft Store.
Any questions? Let us know in the comments.