Take Charge with the NEW PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System – Available Now!

Ever feel like lining up your wireless controller onto the charging station takes more time than actually charging it? With the magnetic ports on the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System, now you can start charging in a snap! Pick it up today for Xbox One or PS4, and keep reading to find out more.

The innovative design of the
PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System features magnetic dongles and ports. This
allows for automated docking alignment so you can simply drop and charge—taking
the guesswork out of whether or not it’s connected. Just in case you need more
assurance, the animated LED charge indicators on the front will let you know
when you can get back in the game. Now you only have to worry about your game
character dying and not your wireless controller.

Maybe you lined up your controller perfectly and left it to charge overnight, only to find the next day that someone had lightly bumped into it causing it to fall out of place. The PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System can ensure this never happens again with the micro-suction material on the bottom of the dock. Press the system down on any smooth surface to keep it in place, no matter what. The cinematic, ambient green (Xbox One version) or blue (PS4 version) lights surrounding the base use auto-dimming technology to lower in brightness, when the lights are off, for less intrusion.

The ultra slim and modern design of the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System not only looks cool, but also fits seamlessly into your gaming or living room. The officially licensed charging systems come with either two rechargeable battery packs for Xbox Wireless and Elite controllers, or two dongle connectors for the DualShock 4 controllers. The innovative features of our new charge system make it a must-have for wireless gamers. Snag yours today, for $29.99, on pdp.com and Amazon.com. Our fans in Europe can find this new charging system on Amazon.de,  Amazon.fr, and Amazon.co.uk.

Get the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One today on pdp.com.

Get the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System for PS4 today on pdp.com.

We’re excited to share our newest innovation in charging systems!

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