Stay Powered Up with Our Line of Energizer Chargers

Stay Powered Up with Our Line of Energizer Chargers
One of the most annoying things we can think of as gamers is a dead controller. When you’re ready to play, you’re ready to play. You don’t want to waste time charging up your controllers or searching for new batteries (can we take them out of the TV remote AGAIN?). Luckily, we have a pretty easy solution for both Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

We’ve teamed up with Energizer so you can stop wasting money on batteries—and game longer.

Whether you usually game with a buddy or you’re going solo, our Energizer chargers let you juice up both of your wireless controllers simultaneously. That means you always have an extra ready whenever you need it. Simply dock your controllers in the easily-accessible charging station and forget about it until you’re ready to play. The charging lights will let you know when you’re good to go.

One of our favorite things about these chargers, besides that convenience of going battery-free, is how well they blend in with your console. The sleek design looks great in any living room and keeps your controllers neatly organized. We know that sometimes you want to be a gamer, but also function within the confines of an adult household. Growing up is hard and that’s okay.

We’ve got a great line of officially licensed Energizer chargers that gamers have been relying on for years now. You can check them all out on our website or find them on Amazon today. Already got one? Let us know how yours has been holding up!