Protect & Customize with Nintendo Switch Console Cases

You’re probably just as glued to your Nintendo Switch as we are, but there are moments during the day when we’re unfortunately forced to put it down. Whether you’re headed off to work, school, or maybe it's time to finally sleep, the Switch console needs to be tucked away. Until you meet your Switch again, we’ve got really cool officially licensed console cases to keep it protected (and customized!).

From simple console cases to kits that can hold all your games and accessories, we’ve got a lot of exciting loot to choose from. Snag designs from your favorite characters and make sure you keep everything with you while on-the-go. If you’re looking for something bigger for travel, our popular Elite Player Backpack might do the trick.

During those dreaded times when you have to part with your Nintendo Switch, it’s best to keep it safe from any damage--and not leave it sitting on the couch. We’re consistently releasing new officially licensed cases, so keep an eye on our site to see what you might be interested in! The perfect one is out there for you. Have you seen our Mario Kana Case?

Do you already have one of our cases? What do you think? Share with us in the comments or find us on Twitter & Instagram. You can find our cases on our site, on Amazon, and in-Stores at Best Buy, GameStop and Target.