Product Spotlight: Yoshi Faceoff Controller for Nintendo Switch

We’ve added a new Faceoff™ controller to our officially licensed Nintendo Switch accessories line! If you’re a Yoshi fan, this one’s for you.

Choose a character, team up with friends, and battle your way to the finish line with the Faceoff Wired Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch. It’s worth noting that our Yoshi controller is compatible with any Faceoff Pro Controller Faceplate, so you can customize your Faceoff Wired Pro Controller with iconic artwork from your favorite games! Swap out, snap in, and show off what you love with the interchangeable Faceoff faceplate design.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Faceoff controllers currently for sale! You can grab them on our site, on Amazon, or in-stores at Best Buy and GameStop.

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