Product Spotlight: Nintendo Switch Light-Up Dock Shield

We’re sure owning a Nintendo Switch is exciting enough, but is it as exciting as it COULD be? Nope!

We make a lot of *officially licensed* Nintendo Switch accessories here at PDP, but this Light-Up Dock Shield is definitely one of our favorites.

Nintendo Dock Shield

With this Dock Shield, you can choose from 7 different colors and 4 light effect modes to transform your Nintendo Switch dock into a cool glowing display. It also includes 2 different light panels, so you can swap out when you want a change.

Nintendo Dock Shield Nintendo Dock Shield

Nintendo Dock Shield


With Flash Mode, Strobe Mode, Fade Mode, and Smooth Mode, you can choose your favorite color and set the animated light effects to your liking. The Light-Up Dock Shield’s smart technology also remembers your last setting, so you don’t have to do it every single time!

Set up is simple, but we’ve made a video to help you out.


Have any questions? Our support team can help you out. Make sure you tag your pictures on Instagram, so we can check them out!