Prepping for the Holidays with Pixel Pals™ Stocking Stuffers

Prepping for the Holidays with Pixel Pals™ Stocking Stuffers
Still trying to come up with last-minute holiday gift ideas? We might be biased, but we’re pretty sure our PIXEL PALSTM will make the perfect stocking stuffers this season. They light up, they’re under 15 bucks, and there are tons of officially licensed characters to choose from. If you’ve got a gaming fan in your life, make sure you check out our full line of PIXEL PALSTM  this year.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, PIXEL PALSTM are really awesome light up collectibles. We’ve got everything from DC Comics to Street Fighter (Hot Ryu, anyone?) AND the list keeps on growing every month. Sonic has been a popular fan-favorite, as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all of our Nintendo characters.


Unconvinced? Take a look at these impressive collections from our #PixelPalsFam:










With our PIXEL PALSTM  adapters on the way, you’ll also be able to save those batteries and simply plug your figures into a USB power source. Did we mention they’ll make GREAT holiday décor as well? Someone in our office already thought of it:

Christmas Tree Pixel Pals

Don’t forget about the gaming fans in your life this holiday season and take a look at our full line of PIXEL PALSTM  over at You can pick them up now on our site, on Amazon, and in-stores at Best Buy and GameStop.

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