Prepare for Battle! Pichu and JigglyPuff Wired Fight Pads Are Available Now!

Take these two new Pokémon-themed controllers into battle! The JigglyPuff and Pichu Wired Fight Pad Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch are available now!

Just like our other Fight Pads, the JigglyPuff and Pichu versions
are inspired by the original GameCube controllers and are equipped with the
traditional C-Stick. What sets our Wired Fight Pad Pro Controllers apart from
the competition, though, is they also come with a full-sized stick that can be
swapped out to customize the way you play. Each controller is officially
licensed and features a 10-foot USB cable that gives you plenty of room to get
comfy on the couch while you take down your enemies.

Pick your favorite characters and prepare for some epic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battles! Also use them for any of your other favorite games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more. The newest members to our Wired Fight Pad Pro Controller line-up are available now on,, and other participating retailers for $24.99.

Get the JigglyPuff Wired Fight Pad Pro today on!

Get the Pichu Wired Fight Pad Pro today on!

We’re excited to share these new characters for our Wired Fight Pad Pro Controllers! Make sure you check out to find the rest of the line.

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