Prep for Mother’s Day: Gift Guide for Gamer Moms

Prep for Mother’s Day: Gift Guide for Gamer Moms
Sure, flowers and jewelry work for some moms, but what do you get for the unapologetically nerdy mom? If your mother falls into this category and you want to get her a very special gift, we’ve crafted this unique gamer guide for you. After all, every mom is different and they all deserve something that speaks to their interests!

Here are a few practical gift ideas that you can order for Mother’s Day. Click the links to see where you can snag them:

Rock Candy Keyboard & Mouse

Our brightly colored keyboard and mouse sets are calling your name! With several bold colors to choose from, your mom will love these for her PC. The best news? Both are completely wireless and they keyboard is waterproof! Even if she spills her morning coffee (or maybe you’re a bit careless with your can of soda), the keyboard will be fine! If your mom is a PC gamer as well, you can grab a matching Rock Candy Controller.

Check them out here.

PDP Controller for Xbox One

Your mom deserves her own controller. One that works well, is reliable, and is compatible with our PDP Control Hub (learn more here). Whether she’s a fan of Arctic White or Crimson Red, there’s a whole colorful line to choose from. And through the app, these controllers are conveniently customizable! Take a look at our website to see what we have to offer.

Grab your PDP Controllers here.

Wonder Woman Pixel Pals

We’re convinced that every mom is Wonder Woman, so why not get her one of her own? All of our Pixel Pals are battery-operated or we sell an optional USB adapter to keep them powered up. Let your mom show off one of her favorite  characters at work or at home with our line of Pixel Pals. You’re sure to find a character she loves, but we’re suggesting Wonder Woman for obvious reasons.

Find Wonder Woman here and on Amazon.

AG 6 Wired Headset for PS4 & Xbox One

If mom is an online gamer, a headset to chat with her team is crucial. The AG 6, available for both platforms, works perfectly for those late-night gaming sessions. Give your mom a break and make sure she has some time to do what she loves—lead her teammates to victory! With powerful 50mm drivers and a noise-cancelling mic, the AG 6 is perfect for all types of gamers.

Find AG 6 Headsets here and on Amazon.

Energizer Chargers

If you’re a controller hog, we’re sure the controllers are all dead by the time your mom has a chance to use them. That’s rude! Fortunately, we have officially licensed Energizer chargers for both Xbox and PS4 gamers. Toss the batteries and make sure your controllers are fully charged before a long night of gaming. Your mom will thank you for it.

Find Energizer Chargers here and on Amazon.

Mother’s Day is May 13th, so make sure you grab something quick before it’s too late. Make your gamer mom happy and get her a gift she’ll really cherish! If online ordering isn't fast enough for you, check out our PDP accessories in-stores at GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.