Prep for Father’s Day: Gift Guide for Gamer Dads

Prep for Father’s Day: Gift Guide for Gamer Dads
We’re sure your dad is a very special guy and you want to find the perfect gift. If he’s not into classic Father’s Day gifts like ugly ties or fishing trips, there’s a chance he might love some gaming gear. Load him up with gaming accessories, give him some space, and let him play his favorites. He deserves it.

Here are a few practical gift ideas that you can order for Father’s Day. Click the links to see where you can snag them:

PDP Camo Controller for Xbox One

Crush the competition and look good doing it with a sleek design, non-slip grips, and textured trigger and shoulder buttons. Whether your dad is a solo or multiplayer gamer, he’ll love leading his troops to victory.

Check out our entire PDP Wired Controller line here.

Superman Pixel Pals

Is your dad Superman? He’ll love putting one of these amazing Pixel Pals in his office or use it to light up the man cave. We’re sure he’ll think these Pixel Pals are pretty cool, but check out the whole line-up on our site.

Find Pixel Pals here.

AG 9+ Wireless Headset

Grab your dad a completely wireless (and affordable) headset for either Xbox One or PS4. All he needs to do it plug in the USB transmitter and he’s good to go. It’s noise-cancelling, so he’ll be able to play without any distractions.

Grab your AG 9+ here or on Amazon.

Gears of War Gold Lancer

If you want to go big, there’s nothing bigger than the Gears of War Gold Lancer. With an accurately modeled design based on in-game files, an iconic chainsaw bayonet, adjustable sight, levers, safety switches, and illuminated LED lights, this Gold Lancer is perfect for fans of the popular series. It's also really cool to show off to everyone your dad invites over to the house.

Order yours here.

3-in-1 Folio

If your dad already has a Nintendo Switch for himself, he’ll need a good looking case for it. This folio folds and magnetically attaches for use in 3 modes: protective Case Mode, grip-enhancing Play-On Mode, and adjustable display Screen Stand Mode. If you’ve come close to breaking his precious Switch before, maybe this a good gift for the both of you.

Get yours here.

Father's Day is on June 17th, so give yourself some time to order the perfect gift! If you're in a time crunch, a lot of our accessories can be found in-store at Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target.