Our brand new PDP Control Hub has arrived over on the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Windows 10! We’re excited, you’re excited—let’s talk about it.

For starters, you can download it right now. You can download the app for Windows 10 here or search for the PDP Control Hub on the Microsoft Store and use any compatible PDP Xbox One & Windows 10 Controller. Not sure which ones you can use? See below:


What does the app do?

With the PDP Control Hub, you can customize your PDP controller with your preferred audio settings, adjust vibration strength or turn it off completely, and easily re-map any of your controller’s buttons. On top of all that, you can run diagnostics, automatically update firmware, and tailor your gaming experience to fit your unique playing style. It’s up to you!

Let’s start by showing off the Homepage. This screen gives you a detailed summary of your controller settings and allows you to pin your favorites, so they can be easily accessed whenever you need them. Which settings do you plan on adjusting the most? You can make those types of decisions here.

The Diagnostics tab lets you test and report any controller issues. Here you can run a lightning fast diagnostics test on all the buttons, the sticks, the triggers, and your audio connection. Use the button test, highlighted below, to make sure everything is working properly. If it’s not, no big deal, our customer support team is ready to help.

If you skip to the Configuration tab, that’s where you’ll find all the fun stuff. The PDP Control Hub is built for simple customization for every type of gamer. Here you can modify vibration strength, adjust the dead zone of your analog sticks and triggers, and re-map any button you choose. The app makes it super easy, so you can get back to gaming as soon as possible.

Here is something else useful, use the Recalibrate tool to easily recalibrate the analog sticks and triggers. This is a great way to reset the sticks and triggers if they feel off or aren’t responding correctly.

There are tons of amazing things you can do with the PDP Control Hub. We suggest downloading it as soon as possible to try it for yourself. This is a one-of-a-kind app designed for all types of gamers and it’s FREE. Hook up your compatible PDP Xbox One & Windows 10 Controller and join the fun!

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