Next in Line – The PDP Gaming Products You’ll Want for the New Xbox Series X|S

Back in May, we shared which of our current PDP Gaming products would be forward compatible with Xbox Series X|S. We’re excited to finally share what we have in store for this next gen of Xbox gaming! You can learn more about each new PDP Gaming product for Xbox Series X|S below, and pre-order on today.

Wired Controllers:

Just like our previous models, the PDP Gaming Wired Controllers for Xbox Series X|S will be compatible with the free PDP Control Hub App. Remap buttons, reconfigure triggers, adjust dead zones, and more to fit the way you play! They also have on-board audio controls so you can make quick audio adjustments without missing a moment. With the 3.5mm audio jack you can plug in your favorite headset, like the LVL50 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset, and start commanding your team. Need to go silent? A double tap of our signature “Function” button will instantly mute your mic. With the new “Share” button located directly on the front of the controller, you can easily show off your screen captures and videos with friends. This new line of controllers are $29.99 each and will start shipping on 11/10. You can pre-order your favorite, or all three, today!

The Afterglow Wired Controller has all the same features mentioned above for the PDP Gaming Wired Controller, plus our signature Prismatic LEDs and clear poly-carbonate housing. Choose from four different light settings and a full color-range of LEDs to make your controller match your mood! It also comes with the new “Share” button on the front of the controllers so you can capture key moments and share with others.

Get ready to crush the competition and look good doing it with the Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, available for pre-order today. It will begin shipping on 11/10 for $34.99.

PDP Gaming Charge Systems:

The new PDP Gaming Dual Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox Series X|S will help you stay in charge! It's available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on 11/10 for $29.99. With innovative features like magnetic ports that snap the controller into place, you’ll get the perfect connection every time. Advanced, micro-suction material will keep your charge system in place and only move when you want it to. Unlike other charge systems, ours has an ultra slim design that fits seamlessly into your living or gaming room. The cinematic, auto-dimming lights create the perfect gaming vibe and adapt to surrounding light conditions to be less intrusive when it’s dark. You’ll know when it’s time to get back in the game with the LED indicators on the front that show your charge status. This new Dual Ultra Slim Charge System is also backwards compatible with Xbox One and comes with two extra battery doors to fit onto the previous gen of Xbox wireless controllers.

Get all the innovative features you love in a new, compact design! Our PDP Gaming Single Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox Series X|S is available for pre-order and will begin shipping on 11/10 for $24.99. It features the magnetic ports, micro-suction materials, cinematic lights, LED charge indicators, and slim design mentioned above. It’s also backwards compatible with Xbox One. The only difference? The Single Ultra Slim Charge System is even more compact to hold only one Xbox wireless controller.

Never buy batteries again for your Xbox wireless controllers! The PDP Gaming Play & Charge Kit comes with two rechargeable batteries and four battery doors so you can power your play in a more sustainable way. Use the included 10-foot cable to play and charge at the same time and enjoy up to 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge. The Play and Charge Kit is also cross-compatible with the above-mentioned PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge Systems (sold separately), so you can charge your controller multiple ways. You can pre-order the Play and Charge Kit today, it’s $19.99 and will start shipping on 11/10.

Tired of searching high and low to find batteries for your Xbox wireless controller? With the PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack, the search is over. You'll never need to buy or throw out batteries again, so you can save the planet while you're saving your team! Just pop the battery pack into your controller and slide on the battery door. When it's time to charge, plug in the micro-USB cable. This charging solution is also cross-compatible with the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge Systems and the PDP Gaming Play & Charge Kit (sold separately). The PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack is backwards compatible with Xbox One as well. Snag one for just $14.99, and it will be begin shipping on 11/10. Pre-order today!

PDP Gaming
Media Remote:

No more fumbling for the right button on your Xbox controller when you need to quickly pause your movie! The PDP Gaming Media Remote makes navigating your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and apps simple with its traditional TV remote design. Quickly access volume controls, power, pause, common Xbox controls like A, B, X, Y and more. An optimized battery-life lets you binge watch without worrying about replacing the batteries.

The compact design of the new PDP Gaming Media Remote features only what you need to take control of your Xbox. Pre-order it today on! This new remote will begin shipping 11/5 for $19.99.

PDP Gaming

Love our LVL Series headsets? Our current line, and new color variations, are forward compatible with Xbox Series X|S. Enjoy our lightweight, breathable headsets as you game for hours on end on your new console! On-ear audio controls allow you to adjust volume on the fly, while our flip-to-mute mic let’s you go silent in a snap. Level up your gaming with our LVL50 Wireless, LVL50 Wired, LVL40 Wired, and LVL30 Wired Headsets, all available on and at participating retailers.

We’re so happy to share our lineup of new PDP Gaming Xbox Series X|S products! You can purchase or pre-order everything mentioned above on

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