Marvel vs. Capcom Pixel Pals™ 2-Packs on Sale for $19.99!

Good news! Our Pixel Pals™ 2-packs are ready to join the fight!

Attention Marvel vs. Capcom fans: if you’re looking for something collectible (or something to brighten up your dreary work desk), our 2-pack Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pixel Pals are now $19.99.

This includes all 3 sets—

Rocket Raccoon vs. Chris RedfieldRocket Raccoon vs. Chris Redfield

Gamora vs. RyuGamora vs. Ryu

Captain Marvel vs. Chun-LiCaptain Marvel vs. Chun-Li

Grab them on our site today to complete your collection! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest Pixel Pals deals and character releases.