Looking Forward: Announcing Xbox Series X Compatibility

Looking Forward: Announcing Xbox Series X Compatibility

The last few months have been filled with exciting news from Xbox about their next console, the Xbox Series X. Today, we have an exciting announcement of our own! Our current Xbox One LVL Series Headsets, Wired Controllers, Talon Media Remote, and Afterglow Wired Controller will work on Xbox Series X. Read on to learn more about each product and pick them up on pdp.com.

The PDP Gaming LVL Series Headset line includes the LVL50 Wireless, LVL50 Wired, LVL40 Wired, and LVL30 Wired Chat headsets. Each one features a breathable, lightweight build so you can game for hours without needing to stop and give your ears a break. The flexible, noise-cancelling microphone delivers your commands loud and clear to your team, while the powerful drivers help you hear the enemy before you see them. The best part? If you already own a pair, they will work with the new Xbox Series X console when it releases later this year! Discover even more amazing features and shop the entire line of PDP Gaming LVL Series Headsets here.

Another one of our Xbox One products that will work on Xbox Series X is our entire collection of PDP Wired Controllers. These controllers are not only affordable but offer some unique features you’d only get if you spent the money on the first-party Elite controller. The PDP Gaming Wired Controller features on-board audio controls that let you adjust volume and game/chat balance right from the controller. On top of that, it’s compatible with our free PDP Control Hub App, which lets you completely customize your controller to fit the way you play.

With a traditional TV remote design, the Talon Media Remote makes it easy to access play, skip, and volume controls along with the common Xbox controls like A,B,X,Y and a D-pad. No more fumbling for the right button on the controller to pause your movie. It also features motion activated backlit buttons to help you find the right one even in the dark. Take control of your Xbox One and Xbox Series X with the Talon Media Remote.

Everyone’s favorite Afterglow controller for Xbox One will also work with Xbox Series X! The Afterglow Wired Controller is known for its clear, poly-carbonate housing and Prismatic LED lighting. With full color range LEDs and four different light settings, gamers can choose their glow. Just like our other Xbox Wired Controllers, this one also features the on-board audio controls and is compatible with the free PDP Control Hub App. Learn more about the Afterglow Wired Controller and get ready to light up the competition on Xbox Series X!

We’re excited for the upcoming release of the next-gen Xbox console. Make sure you visit pdp.com for our entire line of products that will work with Xbox Series X, other gaming goodies, and to check out all other announcements.

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