Learn More About MARS - PDP's Brand New Lightgun Experience!

Learn More About MARS - PDP's Brand New Lightgun Experience!
We're excited to finally show off our MARS system at E3 this year, which blends the beloved classic lightgun experience with new couch and co-op adventures for Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Launching November 2019, each MARS Starter Pack will include a lightgun, exclusive camera, and one of two new downloadable games: Voyage of the Dead and Qubit’s Quest – with more exciting titles in development. With newly developed technology, our team has enabled modern HD/4K TVs and projectors to detect a low power laser for absolute pinpoint accuracy while tracking gameplay for up to four players, creating an unmatched home arcade party.

Lucky E3 attendees will play the games for the first time at the show (by appointment).

“As the number one video game accessory company in North America, PDP draws from superior engineering capability and years of experience developing advanced technology,” said John Moore, SVP of marketing at PDP. “We’ve been working with top game developers to bring two new co-op arcade-style experiences to life and we’ll show them for the first time at E3. Come play!”

For the lightgun to have the required accuracy for the new games, our team developed a new camera that fits right into modern living spaces while smoothly tracking the actions of up to four players. With a new low power IR laser, gamers can rest assured that every single shot will land where they want.

Here's more information about our exciting games:

Qubit’s Quest is an action platformer and third-person game where up to four players work to protect your loyal robotic canine, Qubit.  You’re on a mission to defeat the Singularity and his minions. Be careful! Qubit has a tough exterior, but is easily distracted. Qubit’s Quest is currently in development with Two Okes.

Voyage of the Dead is a couch co-op game with a quirky art style and campy sense of humor, set on a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak where players are caught up in the chaos. Build your best team in this desperate race for survival! Voyage of the Dead is being developed with Gaming Corps.

MARS will be available November 2019. Great read to play MARS by visiting our FAQs and Tips page for more information.

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