Introducing the NEW PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System!

When you're gaming for hours at a time, the worst thing that can happen is your controller dies in the middle of a mission. Stay in charge with the new PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge Systems for Xbox One or PS4! Read on for more details, and pre-order yours today.

We’ve all felt that despair when
we discover that the wireless controller we thought was charging all day is
still dead because it wasn’t connected properly. With our new charging system,
you’ll never have to feel that pain again. The PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge
System features magnetic ports for easy one-handed drop and charge, with
automated docking alignment, to take the guesswork out of whether or not it’s connected.
On top of that, the animated LED charge indicators will let you know when you
can get back in the game!

Tired of knocking over your
charging system, or accidentally moving it when you place your controllers in
to charge? The PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System features micro-suction
material on the bottom of the dock to keep it in place. No more blinding lights,
from your charging system, while you’re trying to play games or binge-watch
your favorite shows. The cinematic, ambient lights around the base use
auto-dimming technology to lower in brightness, when the lights are off, for
less intrusion.

The ultra slim and modern
design not only looks
cool, but also fits seamlessly into your gaming or living room. The officially
licensed charging systems come with either two rechargeable battery packs for
Xbox Wireless and Elite controllers, or two dongle connectors for the DUALSHOCK
4 controllers.

The innovative features in the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System offer both style and functionality that make it a must-have for wireless gamers. They will be available October 2019, but starting today, you can pre-order them for $29.99 on and

Pre-order the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System for Xbox One today on or

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We’re excited to share our newest innovation in charging systems!

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