Hungry for Something New? The PDP Gaming Snap and Snack is Available for Pre-Order!

Have you ever been in the middle of an all-day gaming session
when suddenly your stomach growls so loud you can hear it, even through your
noise-cancelling headset? Traditionally, you’d have to pause a game, grab your
go-to fuel, and then find the perfect spot to put it so you can access it. But if
it fell out of reach, it may cause you to miss that all important kill-shot
while you search for it. With the PDP Gaming Snap and Snack, you’ll never miss
a beat because of your eats. Read on for more info, then pre-order it
exclusively on

We know that snack attacks don’t just happen to gamers on one
particular console. So, the PDP Gaming Snap and Snack has a spring-loaded
grabber that enables it to fit on any controller! Just pull it open, place your
controller, and slowly release for the perfect fit. Attached to the grabber is
what we call the “binge bin,” which we’ve made big enough to fill with your
favorite grub. No more interruptions mid-game to find the opening to that chip
bag, just place it in the Snap and Snack for easy access!

If you think this new product is too good to be true, you’re right! Have you checked the calendar today? April Fools!

The PDP Gaming Snap and Snack may be fake, but we have plenty
of real products with unbelievable features available on Check them out!

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