HAPPY MAR10 DAY from PDP Gaming!

HAPPY MAR10 DAY from PDP Gaming!
It’s time to celebrate one of the most famous video game characters of ALL TIME! You know who we're talking about. Big fans of the series probably already know that Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981—so he’s getting up there in age. But he probably doesn’t like to talk about that.

Do you have plans for MAR10 Day? Maybe dressing up like Mario and Luigi with your best friend? Playing your favorite Mario games on the Nintendo Switch? Whatever it is, we’re fully in support of it.

If you’re in the mood for some Mario-related deals, we got ‘em. Head over to Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop (check our previous blog post) to see what you can snag today! Here are some of the highlighted products:

Pixel Pals – Mario: $9.99
What’s better than a light up Mario? We’re having trouble thinking of anything! Good news: our Mario Pixel Pals are Best Buy’s Deal of the Day! Light 'em up and show 'em off!

Pixel Pals – Super Mario World Mario: $10.99
Throw up a peace sign. It’s time to celebrate MAR10 Day in style! You can get a deal today on our Super Mario World Pixel Pals.

Pixel Pals – Raccoon Mario: $10.99
Though Mario’s physical form has changed, Raccoon Mario has the same cheerful attitude and fighting spirit! Looks like a perfect edition to your Mario collection on MAR10 Day!

Nintendo Switch Starter Kit – Mario Edition: $19.99
We’ve got everything you need for your Nintendo Switch right here. Our Starter Kit includes screen protector, Joy-Con Armor Guards and thumb caps, and earbuds.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Deluxe Console Case: $15.90
Keep your Nintendo Switch safe and look good doing it! Our protective console case holds your console in place with adjustable Velcro straps. Also stores up to 5 game cards!

Nintendo 3DS XL Clip Armor – Mario: $9.99
Let’s not forget about the Nintendo 3DS XL! This stylish clip armor lets you customize your 3DS XL with Mario artwork.

Have a happy MAR10 DAY and don’t forget to check out these amazing deals before they end tomorrow! Treat yourself!