Happy Haul-idays–Our 12 Days of Giveaways are here!

Happy Haul-idays–Our 12 Days of Giveaways are here!
‘Tis the season of giving, and we’re giving away prize packs every day leading up to Christmas! We’re filling your stockings with our favorite products, as well as some added bonuses. Our first day of giveaways starts tomorrow so be sure to follow our social channels and lookout for that post!

Each day a new prize pack will be announced online, and you’ll have until the following morning to enter for your chance to win. You can enter by visiting our giveaway page starting at 8am PT on December 13. Here is what’s up for grabs.

Day 1: The PS4 Accessories Bundle

Our 12 Days of Giveaways event starts with a chance to win a PS4 Accessories Bundle! You can win our Cloud Remote, AG 9+ Wireless Headset, and Energizer Extra Life Charger all for your PS4. Check out each of these products here.

Day 2: The Deluxe Prize Bundle

Sleigh your competition and look good doing it with our three new DX Wired Controllers for Xbox One – Black Camo, Red and Blue! They’re officially licensed by Microsoft, and feature dual programmable paddle-style buttons, vibration feedback, and audio control buttons located directly on the front of the controller. Learn more here.

Day 3: The #Throwback Pack

This awesome prize pack is perfect for the nostalgic 8-Bit gamer. You’ll get our two Nintendo Switch Travel Slim Cases – Retro Edition featuring 8-Bit Link and 8-Bit Mario. To match your new cases, you’ll also receive our new 8-Bit Link and 8-Bit Mario Collector’s Edition Pixel Pals with "Try Me" packaging.

Day 4: The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Haul

Snow better way to go into battle than with our Fight Pad Pro Controllers. One lucky winner will receive all three controllers (Link, Mario, Pikachu), a Pikachu Travel Case for your Nintendo Switch and accessories, our Pokémon Light Up Dock Shield, and a copy of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.

Day 5:  The Ultimate PS4 Gaming Bundle

This amazing prize pack has everything you’ll need to become the ultimate PS4 gamer. The winner will receive our PS4 Cloud Remote, an AG 9+ Wireless Headset, the LVL 1 Camo Chat Headset, our Energizer Extra Life Charger for PS4 controllers, and to top it all off, a PlayStation 4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Console!

Day 6: The Xbox One Afterglow Pack

Shed some light on your gaming with this prize pack of Afterglow products! The winner will receive our Afterglow Wired Controller and AG 9+ Wireless Headset, both for Xbox One. Check out each of these products here.

Day 7: The Kingdom Hearts III Bundle

With the release of Kingdom Hearts III right around the corner you’ll be prepared to take on the Heartless with both our classic Kingdom Key Keyblade and the Dark Side edition, the Kingdom Hearts III Controller for Xbox One, and all four Pixel Pals of the characters from the game (King Mickey, Sora, Donald, and Goofy).

Day 8: The Nintendo Switch Elite Series Haul

Your friends and fellow gamers will be pining for these accessories! One winner will get our Elite Series System Backpack, Starter Kit, and Play & Charge for Nintendo Switch. Learn more about each item here.

Day 9: The Ultimate Xbox One Gaming Bundle

Have you had an Xbox One console on your wish list all year? Now’s your chance to win one! This prize bundle includes our Xbox One accessories including the PDP Wired Controllers in red and green, an Afterglow Wired Controller, the AG 9+ Wireless Headset, a grey camo LVL 3 Stereo Headset, our Energizer 2X Charging System, and the Talon Media Remote. To top it all off, you’ll win an Xbox One Fortnite Console Bundle!

Day 10: The PS4 Accessories Bundle (Part II)

Missed your first chance to win our awesome PS4 accessories? Here’s your second shot! One lucky winner will get our Cloud Remote, an AG 6 Headset, and the Energizer Extra Life Charger, all for PS4.

Day 11: The Pixel Pals Pack

If you collect Pixel Pals, yule love this prize pack! The winner will get all five of our new Collector’s Edition Pixel Pals with “Try Me” packaging, including 8-Bit Mario, 8-Bit Link, 8-Bit Luigi, Super Mario World Mario, and Mega Man. You’ll also receive all three of our Special Edition Marvel vs. Capcom 2-packs, and the entire Kingdom Hearts III collection of characters.

Day 12: The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Gaming Bundle

Dec. 24 is the last day of giveaways, so don’t miss out on your chance to win our amazing Nintendo Switch accessories and a console! The final bundle will include two of our Faceoff Wired Controllers (Super Mario Mushroom and Zelda: Breath of the Wild), the Poké Ball Starter Kit, our Elite Series Play & Charge Case, the Elite Backpack, the Grey Joy-Con Gel Guards, our original Light-Up Dock Shield, a Collector’s Edition Super Mario World Pixel Pals, Amiibo Super Mario and Master Sword Figure Stands, and a Nintendo Switch console.

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