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There are some essentials you must have when it comes to gaming, specifically a controller and a game, and we’ve got both! While supplies last, you can get a free game code for Metaloid: Origin with the purchase of a PDP Gaming Xbox One Wired Controller. The game code will be included in the box when we ship the controller to you. Get more information about this limited time offer below and claim yours only on*!

Metaloid: Origin is nine levels of fun, fast-paced gun n’ run
gameplay. You get to choose from one of three android warrior characters, each with
their own set of abilities and weapons. You’ll fight to save the planet from
the Lucian Corp. robot army who’s invaded to exploit the planetary resources to
fuel their galactic war efforts. This exciting game isn’t the only thing you’ll
get when you purchase a PDP Gaming Xbox One Wired Controller.

Our wired controllers are affordable and offer unique
features that you’d only get if you spent the money on the first-party Elite
controller. The PDP Gaming Xbox One Wired Controller is the only one to feature
onboard audio controls. No more pausing your game, going into the settings, and
adjusting the sound. By simply pressing the “function” button, located by the
right analog stick, and the d-pad, you can easily adjust the game/chat balance
or the volume.

On top of that, every controller is compatible with the free PDP Control Hub App. Completely
customize your controller to fit the way you play by remapping buttons, fine-tuning
the dead zones on the triggers, or adjusting the vibration strength. You can also
use it to run diagnostics, get firmware updates, and recalibrate the
controller! All this, plus the standard features on an Xbox One controller, for
just $24.99.

Excited to pick up our controller and play? Snag your free
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