Full Line of Kingdom Hearts III Accessories Available for Pre-Order TODAY!

Full Line of Kingdom Hearts III Accessories Available for Pre-Order TODAY!
Want to be one of the first to secure your favorite Kingdom Hearts loot? Today’s the day! Head over to pdp.com to see our full line of accessories and pre-order your favorites.

We’re really excited to share everything with you, so let’s break it all down.

Kingdom Hearts Pixel Pals


Originally from Destiny Islands, Sora travels far and wide to protect the Realm of Light against the heartless.

Pre-order Sora on pixelpals.com, Amazon.com, or GameStop.

King Mickey

As the student of Keyblade Master Yen Sid, King Mickey lends a helping hand to Sora during his quest to battle the forces of Darkness.

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Donald helps Sora, Goofy, and King Mickey on their quest to defeat the heartless and restore order.

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As one of the most positive and optimistic heroes in the Kingdom Hearts series, Goofy serves as the voice of reason and a loyal companion to his friends.

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All Kingdom Hearts Pixel Pals will be available starting 11/1.

Kingdom Keyblades

Kingdom Key Dark Side

As the dark counterpart to Sora’s Kingdom Key, the Kingdom Key Dark Side plays an essential role in defeating the Heartless.

The GameStop exclusive Kingdom Key Dark Side is available for pre-order now! A limited quantity of this exclusive keyblade will be available on pdp.com.

The Kingdom Key Dark Side will be available starting 12/4.

Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key is a powerful weapon from the Realm of Light that Sora wields during his adventures.

Pre-order the Kingdom Key on pdp.com, Amazon.com, or GameStop.

Both keyblades are full-sized prop replicas, made from sturdy EVA foam and plastic, and designed for Kingdom Hearts fans ages 10 and older.

The Kingdom Key will be available starting 10/15.

Kingdom Hearts Controller for Xbox One

With a sleek design featuring artwork from the popular franchise, non-slip grips, and textured trigger and shoulder buttons, you’ll have all the gear you’ll need to restore peace to the realms. Enhance gameplay with vibration feedback and give yourself plenty of room to get comfortable with the 8 foot detachable cable. It’s time to join Sora and his friends on their next adventure!

You can pre-order your Kingdom Hearts Controller for Xbox One on pdp.com, Amazon.com or GameStop.

This controller will available starting 12/4.

There’s something for every Kingdom Hearts fan in our line of officially licensed accessories.
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