Faceoff Against Your Enemies in a New Way – Introducing the Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch™

Wireless is more! The Faceoff controller you know, and love, is now wireless. With a range of up to 30 feet, you’ll have plenty of room to play and can take the Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller anywhere you game on the go. Continue reading below to find out more and pre-order it today on pdp.com and Amazon.com!

Like the other wireless controllers in our Nintendo Switch™ line-up, the Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller features a rechargeable battery. That means no more wasting money or batteries to power your favorite controllers. Simply charge it using the included USB charging cable, and then enjoy up to 40 hours of wireless gameplay! The Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller also features motion control. Let your games move you with the built-in gyro. That’s not all this controller has to offer, though. The Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch still has some of the great features you loved about the other controllers in the Faceoff line.

Just like
our other Faceoff Deluxe controllers, this one features two programmable back
buttons so you can customize the way you play. You'll also get an additional
precision analog stick to take down your enemies with pinpoint accuracy and
speed. The best part of the Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller? It’s a part of
our Faceoff line, meaning it’s compatible with all our Faceoff controllers and
Mod Kits.

Even though the new digital camo pattern is sleek, you can always swap out and snap in a new look with the unique interchangeable design. Want to represent your favorite character or game with the new Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controller? Check out our variety of Faceoff Mod Kits to switch it up!

These officially licensed Faceoff Wireless Deluxe Controllers for Nintendo Switch will be available on October 29 and comes in four colors that we made to match some of your favorite Joy-Con controller models: Black Camo, Neon Blue Camo, Pink Camo, and Yellow Camo. You can pre-order this customizable, wireless controller for just $49.99 on pdp.com and Amazon.com.

We’re excited to announce this newest addition to our Faceoff controller line! Make sure you visit pdp.com for our entire line of products and to check out all other announcements.

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