E3 2018 Recap: Brand New Accessories Coming Soon from PDP Gaming!

E3 2018 Recap: Brand New Accessories Coming Soon from PDP Gaming!
We had a great time at E3 this year and, just like everyone else, we’re excited for what’s coming next! It always seems to go by so fast, but we got to show off a lot of upcoming accessories that will be released later this year and in early 2019. If you didn’t get to see any of them, no worries. We’re going to share some of it with you here!

There’s so much to see and so many awesome announcements at E3, it’s nearly impossible to catch it all. If you weren’t there in person, hopefully you had a chance to watch all the livestreams about the amazing games coming soon. We want to make sure you can fully enjoy all your favorite new games by designing great accessories to pair with them. Take a look at some of the  products we have coming soon—

Nintendo Switch Accessories
With a ton of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch, we’re adding to our line of quickly growing accessories. It’s all officially licensed, so you can be sure we worked with Nintendo every step of the way. From Pokémon to Mario and Luigi, our character-branded Switch accessories were designed for all types of fans.


MARS™ Tech
PDP Gaming is jumping into game development with our MARS™ unit. We’re bringing lightgun arcade gaming into your home! This unique wireless gaming experience lets you, and up to three of your friends, compete in exhilarating co-op games. Assemble your team, find a comfortable spot on the couch, and start your mission! Our MARS™ page is now live, so make sure you check it out when you get a chance.

MARS™ also won an award during E3! Many thanks to MeriStation MX for recognizing MARS as one of the Best of 2018 at E3! We can't wait for everyone to try it out early next year.

Pixel Pals
The second half of this year is chock-full of Pixel Pals releases, so keep an eye on our social media sites to see what’ll be available for pre-order soon! Fans of Mega Man and Sonic will be excited about the brand new characters we got to show off at E3. We can't wait for you to add them to your collection!


PDP Controllers
With the release of our PDP Controllers for Xbox One (compatible with our PDP Control Hub app, available for FREE download on the Microsoft Store) and the new Prismatic controllers, we want you to play your way. All of our controllers have customizable options and are perfect for all types of gamers. Check out pdp.com to see what you like.


Gaming Headsets
Being able to clearly communicate with your team is one of most important parts of multiplayer gaming. We’ve designed our headsets with easily accessible volume and mute controls, so you can make quick adjustments without taking your eyes off the screen. With a variety of headsets for all types of gamers, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your playing style.

Check out what else we had to show off during E3 and more images from the show floor!

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We’ve got a lot more to share with you in these upcoming months, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates. Be sure to check out some of our highlights from E3 on our pages as well!