Activating Stealth Mode: New Black Camo LVL Series Headsets are Available Now!

Activating Stealth Mode: New Black Camo LVL Series Headsets are Available Now!

Starting today, you can get the same comfort, quality, and sound you love from our PDP Gaming LVL Series Headsets, in a sleek camouflage design. Show off the new, lenticular digital camo pattern that will have you crushing the competition and looking good while doing it. Play at a high level and anticipate your enemy’s next move with the crystal-clear sound. Read more about our newest LVL Series Headsets and then get yours on!

Just like our other LVL series headsets, this new variation will give you the enhanced gaming quality you deserve. Our LVL50 Wired and Wireless Stereo Headsets deliver crystal clear sound through their powerful 50mm drivers, while the LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset provides that same quality through 40mm drivers. Each of these incredible options is officially licensed by either PlayStation or Xbox.

Besides powerful drivers, the LVL Series Headsets are all constructed
with a breathable, lightweight build so you can game for hours without having
to stop to give your ears a break. Each one also features our flexible,
noise-cancelling microphone that helps you clearly communicate with your team.
Don’t feel like chatting? You can mute your mic in one swift motion with the
flip-to-mute function. Conceal your plans, and stealthily take
down the competition with the PDP Gaming LVL Series Headsets in Black Camo.

Pick up the Black Camo PDP Gaming LVL Series Headsets for Xbox One or PS4 on and today.

We’re excited to share the newest member to the LVL family of headsets from PDP Gaming! Make sure you visit for the entire line and to check out all other announcements.

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