Announcing BRAND NEW Nintendo Switch Console Cases!

We’re excited to announce several brand new Nintendo Switch cases headed your way online and in-stores!

With so many officially licensed Switch products to pick from, our wide variety of accessories should help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Make sure you check out our Nintendo Switch page to find the right one for you.

Not sure what to get to keep your console looking great? Here’s what’s NEW:

Camo Edition Cases

Pick your favorite character and keep your console protected with our Camo Edition cases. Choose between Bowser, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong! Each case holds the Nintendo Switch console, up to 6 games, and includes a pouch for whatever accessories you want to bring along.

Switch Slim Travel Case – Mario Camo Edition 

Switch Slim Travel Case – Luigi Camo Edition

Switch Slim Travel Case – Yoshi Camo Edition

Switch Slim Travel Case – Bowser Camo Edition

Switch Slim Travel Case – Donkey Kong Camo Edition

Retro Edition Cases

Our Retro Edition case features iconic 8-bit artwork and stylish debossed details. Show off your old school flair while on-the-go. Cases store console, up to 6 games, and includes a mesh pouch for various accessories.

Switch Slim Travel Case – Zelda Retro Edition

Switch Slim Travel Case – Mario Retro Edition

And Finally –

Keep it classic with our Slim Travel Case – Switch Elite Edition. With a sleek design and room for your console, games, and accessories, use your case while traveling or keep it protected when not in use.

Slim Travel Case – Switch Elite Edition

Head over to, Amazon, or in-stores at GameStop and Best Buy to find the PDP Nintendo Switch console case of your dreams. Each case offers a little something different, so take a peek on our site to see all your choices.

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    November 20, 2018

    Please please PLEEEEEEASE make a green lantern (preferably John Stewart) pixel pal! It would be greatly appreciated!


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