MARS Has Landed! Get the Arcade-Style Lightgun Gaming System Today.

Before today, you’d have to go to an arcade to enjoy lightgun games or dig in your attic or basement for that long-forgotten piece of technology. With MARS™, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of lightgun gaming in a whole new way right from the comforts of your living room! Get yours today on

Nostalgic lightgun gaming fans, tech enthusiasts and players of all ages can finally experience MARS, an innovative point-and-shoot lightgun gaming system built for today’s living rooms. Each MARS Starter Pack bundle ($99.99 MSRP) comes with one LIGHTCONTM (lightgun), an IR STATIONTM (camera), and one of the three exhilarating games. At launch, we’ll have three exciting titles you can pick up: Voyage of the DeadTM, Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, or Qubit’s QuestTM. Each game will also be available, separately, via the Microsoft Store or PS Store for $19.99 each.

  • Voyage of the Dead: a MARS exclusive, up to 4-players find themselves aboard a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak. With a quirky art style and campy humor, you’ll laugh as you fight against a horde of undead menaces to protect passengers and escape the chaos.
  • Big Buck Hunter: Arcade: there’s no need to wake up at the crack of dawn or climb through the marsh and woods. MARS is bringing the #1 hunting arcade experience right to your living room as you track down wild game in Whitetail, Moose, and Elk adventures.
  • Qubit’s Quest: is an action platformer for up to 4-players of all ages who are on a mission to protect a loyal and very cute robotic canine, Qubit. Play a co-op adventure campaign or compete with other players in ten fast-paced minigames!

More about the MARS technology:

The lightgun gaming systems we know, and love, required Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions and used the CRT Scanline targeting method to operate. However, as televisions with LCD and plasma screens became more widespread, the technology was no longer compatible. This caused a wave of technological advancements in the lightgun gaming field, but the issue with all these new inventions was a lack of accuracy and a lot of latency.

With that in mind, our talented in-house engineering team developed new IR technology that allow MARS to have pinpoint precision and speed. With the LIGHTCON and the IR STATION working in tandem, the unit ensures unprecedented accuracy and can be used on all types of modern TVs and even projectors.

With MARS, we’ve built a truly immersive gaming experience that you’ll love to play over and over again. Playing with a friend? No problem! Each MARS unit can track the gameplay of up to four players with the same precision you’d experience by yourself. As a whole new way to play, MARS is something you’ll need to experience for yourself. The adventure is just beginning, so make sure you check out all it has to offer!

MARS Starter Packs are available for $99.99 on and, and extra LIGHTCONS can be purchase for $29.99. You can also download each game separately on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 online stores for $19.99 each.

Need help setting up MARS or just want to learn more? Check out for helpful hints, information, and a downloadable FAQ. You can also contact our Customer Support line at (800) 331-3844 Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM PST.

We’re excited to share this new lightgun gaming system with you!
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