Our Brand New Pixel Pals™ Landing Page is Now Live!

Pixel Pals™ website

We’re making it easier for you to find your favorite Pixel Pals™ and stay informed regarding new character releases! We’ve revamped and redesigned pixelpals.com, so go take a look!

Find out which officially licensed characters are brand new on our Pixel Pals landing page, check out our helpful USB Adapter compatibility charts, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date. You can also keep tabs on what our #PixelPalsFam is up to. We like to share some of our favorite Pixel Pals photos on our social media sites. Get posting; maybe we’ll share yours!

Are there any Pixel Pals characters you’d like to see in the future? Comment below or find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


  1. Allen
    March 22, 2018


    I just want to tell you that you have done such and amazing job with this line of pixel pals, and the characters I would like to see in the future are for example:
    Billy and Jimmy Lee from double dragon
    Protoman from the megaman saga
    Ryu from Ninja gaiden
    Simon Belmont from castlevania
    Bill from Contra
    Cody, Guy and Hagar from mighty final fight

  2. Jeff
    June 17, 2018

    Simon Belmont, Dracula, Death – Castlevania
    Snake Man, Skull Man – Mega Man
    Sami’s, Ridley, Kraid – Super Metroid

    1. Jeff
      June 17, 2018


  3. Gabe
    August 1, 2018

    Shantae Sora shovel knight Kirby pikachu blaster master zero Super Smash Bros. Logo Jurassic Park T-Rex and Raptors and Crash Bandicoot and The Simpsons

    1. Gabe
      August 1, 2018



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