Nintendo Wired Fight Pad Pro—Available for Pre-Order Now!

We know you’re excited to get your very own Nintendo-themed Wired Fight Pad Pro and now we have some firm dates to share with you!

Starting today you can pre-order all 3 of these officially licensed controllers.  Pick your favorite character and get ready to battle with friends on Nintendo Switch!

Pre-order the Pikachu Wired Fight Pad Pro on,, Best Buy and GameStop.

Pre-order the Mario Wired Fight Pad Pro on and, Best Buy and GameStop.

Pre-order the Link Wired Fight Pad Pro on and, Best Buy and GameStop.

With the ability to customize your gaming style by playing with the traditional C-Stick or swapping it out for a full-size stick, this innovative detachable stick design lets you experience the original GameCube style of play!

The Wired Fight Pad Pro also comes with a 10 foot USB cable to ensure you stay connected during crucial moments. The controller is compatible with Smash Bros. Ultimate and your other favorite Nintendo Switch games.

The Wired Fight Pad Pro will be released on 11/21 on, and 11/23 on, Best Buy and GameStop.
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  1. Tristan Croizer
    October 9, 2018

    I find the character-branded controllers rather tacky – will there be plain-color versions of this available? Preferably in that classic GameCube indigo 🙂

  2. TL
    October 11, 2018

    Any idea if/when these will come to Europe? Getting one of these from is going to cost me half the price of the controller itself in shipping/import fees.


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