Product Spotlight: Talon Media Remote for Xbox One

Windows Central Best Of 2017 - Talon Remote

If you’re anything like us, streaming media controls most of your free time. Between Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, we’re spending hours a day watching our favorite content…and that doesn’t even include how much we game on a weekly basis.

Luckily, our Talon Media Remote for Xbox One has made things easier for everyone! Whether you’re a heavy gamer or you’re just using your system to watch movies (OR endlessly scroll through until you find something you might be interested in watching), you can control your Xbox One with this hassle-free remote.

Talon Remote

We’re certain you’ll love the sleek design of the Talon Media Remote. With backlit buttons and a soft rubberized texture, this remote is easy to control right from the comfort of your couch. For only $20, this is the perfect Xbox One accessory for anyone who relies on streaming media and wants a simple way to navigate their system.


But who cares what we think about it, right? Other people love it, too! Our Talon Media Remote for Xbox One was recently named the Best Xbox One Accessory of 2017 by Windows Central! Thanks, guys!


Here’s what they have to say about it:

Microsoft’s Xbox media remote is distinctly … pedestrian. Anyone who relies on Xbox for streaming and in-home entertainment needs (deserves?) something better. The Windows Central team agrees that something should be PDP’s Talon Xbox Media Remote. It’s simple, it lights up in the dark, and it costs $20. ‘Nuff said.

— Al Sacco



Did you ever snag our Talon Media Remote for Xbox One? What do you think about it? Share with us! We love hearing from you.



  1. Ethan T-Z
    March 20, 2018

    does the “CC” button on the Talon work with any Xbox One apps? I bought this remote specifically because it had that button, but it doesn’t work in the built-in bluray/DVD player, netflix, hulu, or amazon video.

    March 20, 2018

    Microsoft Xbox media remote which is very easy to use at home. there are so much of function available in that media remote you can use it without any issues recently i was using MS paint drawing tool i faced one issue that’s related to disk memory then i contact to the website which helped me best.

  3. Lorne Pierce
    August 2, 2018

    Is there any way to make a button dedicated to a certain app — like a Netflix button? I just purchased the Talon media Remote and trying to assess its capabilities. So far looks good…


    1. Kristen Hynes
      August 3, 2018

      The console does not support a hot key to direct launch an App. Thanks!


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